And I may be overexpressing my enthusiasm but trying to brave the morning with a short-sleeve shirt. I did put a fleece vest overtop, but still – I may be hoping for too much.

In fact, that could be the theme for my weekend – hoping to get too much done. Is there any other theme for a weekend, except, perhaps, hoping to get nothing done?

Today I’m eating breakfast with friends at a local diner, where I will continue the tradition that my friend Kevin and I started. Since the diner is decorated with images of Marilyn Monroe, we try to decide which image we prefer that day. Mine is always set by my mood.

Then, a little warehouse store shopping. Then home again, to try and grade three, nope, make that four sets of papers, bake cookies, steamclean my carpets, clean the bathrooms, oh, and save the world. (If only I had a cheerleader to save?) I will never get all this done, but it should be fun trying.

Somewhere in these two days, I’d like to relax, sew, read (trying to finish Sabriel by Garth Nix), and watch a good movie or two. Wish me luck.

And share your plans for the weekends or thoughts on weekends in general. Hope you have a great one.