Another Thursday rolls around, and I’m tired and a bit out of sorts again (anybody sensing a pattern here?), so it’s just the right moment for me to fulfill my self-assignment of listing good things on this sunny day. So here goes.

1. Jason Harrod‘s new CD Bright as You arrived in my mailbox yesterday, and I’m loving it. Harrod has a great voice – clear and husky, just imperfect enough to make it beautiful, and his guitar-playing is wonderful, too (especially on this record where he’s backed by legendary guitarist Phil Madeira). The songs blend together folk, blues, a little alt-country, and great lyrics to make enjoyable and insightful lyrics. You can take a listen to a couple of numbers on Harrod’s website. And if you like what you hear, I’ll be doing an interview with him on this blog in the next couple of weeks, so stay-tuned.

2. In the mail yesterday, I also received a copy of the book The Green Guide to Climate Change: Simple Things You Can Do To Make a Difference . On a day like today, I like thinking that what I do matters, and I like practical advice on how to make the world better – at least a little bit. So I very much look forward to reading this book and will review it when I have.

3. This week I’m a little off my rocker emotionally – as we are all at some points – and I would be remiss if I did not point out that I am eternally blessed to have a few good friends who realize that “this too shall pass” with me but still stick by me. I’m so grateful for my dear friends, those people who I can let it all loose with and know they’ll still be there when I return to sanity.

4. I’ve also been struck this week by how fortunate I am to have income, to have education, and to have the benefits (both insurance and other) that come with a job. While I am still eager to be “free” of a full-time gig come June, I am blessed to have been able to make that decision for myself and plan ahead for it, unlike many people in our world today.

5. I am grateful for C.S. Lewis especially today. My mom gave me his book The Four Loves to read, and it’s awfully brainy but beautiful and wise. It grounds me each morning and helps me put life in perspective. I highly recommend it.

So that’s where I am today, looking out, trying to keep my chin up, and waiting for my daffodils to bloom. How about you? For what are you grateful, even when you don’t feel like being so?