This morning I woke up and wished I had the day free (okay, so I wish this a lot of days, but today’s urge seemed particularly strong). I want to spend today reading, writing, and making things. I’d like to sew – crochet the rest of a baby blanket, cross stitch some of a unicorn I’m working on – and I’d like to bake – clover-leaf rolls come to mind, perhaps because it’s March.

But, alas, work calls, and I owe students papers, so I must dig into that work for today. So I thought I would celebrate, with you if you’ll join me, some of the wonderful hand-made things around the web.

First, if you don’t know Etsy, well, then, now you do. It’s a wonderful online collective of shops where people sell hand-made and vintage things or supplies for crafts. For instance, you can get this fine photo of a tree just beginning to flower from Blissful Images shop. Or if you visit Poetsummer’s shop, you can buy this gorgeous reclaimed art charm bracelet that features Geishas. Or you can check out my own father’s woodworking here.

Secondly, you can check out the Austin Craft Mafia, a consortium of artists from, you guessed it, Austin. I particularly like this tote bag from JNA Designs. And this embroidered journal from Sublime Stitching is great.

For the bookish among you, please peruse the selection of beautiful handmade journals and books at Blackthorn Workshops. These are some of the most gorgeous books I’ve ever seen, and some day I will own one.
Handmade Journal by Blackthorn Workshops

So if you’re looking for a gift or just need something, consider buying it handmade. It’ll be one of a kind, and you’ll be helping us keep this indie culture alive in the world of Walmart. (If you’re really serious about buying handmade, as I am, sign this pledge)

Meanwhile, if you have handmade work out there on the web, do let us know. I’ll try to feature handmade work at least once a week. These beautiful things deserve some attention.

Handmade Ash Coffee Table by Woody Cumbo – Handmade Ash Coffee Table made by Woody Cumbo, my dad.