The truth is that once again I have not produced a ton of new material this week – a little bit of interesting stuff in my journal – mostly spurred on by the poetry of Czeslaw Milosz (what a great poet!) For example, look at this beautiful piece, “If There Is No God:”

If there is no God,
Not everything is permitted to man.
He is still his brother’s keeper
And he is not permitted to sadden his brother,
By saying that there is no God.

Gorgeous, right?

So even though I’m not writing very much, I’m reveling what comes with a life of words. Here’s a list of the good things that have my way this week because I have taken on my vocation as writer.

1. A poetry reading with Delaware Poet Laureate JoAnn Balingit.

2. A conversation about the writing life with writers Josiah Bancroft and Piotr Florczyk.

3. A beautiful blog award from Molly at My Cozy Book Nook. Thanks, Molly.
Fabulous Blog Award - Yeah!

4. Review books including The Mysterious Life of the Heart: Writing from The Sun about Passion, Longing and Love and Ten Things I Hate about Christianity. I’m going to try to get the Mom of Andilit to review this second one, so stay tuned for her wit and wisdom.

5. My students who have impressed me with their ability to learn, write with such lovely description, and talk about art, and food, and film, and life with such enthusiasm. Thank you for reminding me why I’m a teacher.

6. Most importantly, the chance to use my gifts and desires in the way God intended. I enjoy (and honestly, sometimes loathe) nothing more than writing. It gives me focus and a center, and I’m eternally grateful to be able to live a life filled with passion where every day could potentially be different. Yippee!

I’m off to the parentals for the weekend with Kathy. We’re going to do a little gardening, watch the UVa/Wake Forest basketball game LIVE (I’ll secretly be rooting for Wake with my dad, but don’t tell anyone since I’ll be sitting in the UVa section), and have a great Greek dinner with good friends Hez, Ed, and Henry. I’ll be back on Monday, but until then, enjoy your weekend, relax, do something you love, and revel in the coming spring.