Folks, today, I don’t feel like there’s much good stuff going on. That’s an admission I hate to make, but it’s true. I’m a little overwhelmed, a little too busy, a little tired, and so my jubilant mood has faded a bit . . . But then, on days like this, what better a thing to do than to think of things for which I am grateful.

1. The beautiful crescent moon that was hung just outside my window this morning like it was a tiny ornament in the sky just for me.

2. My fellow teachers who constantly inspire me with new ways to teach and language to explain things I’ve tried to explain over and over.

3. Cider – not the apple kind, but that sweet alcoholic kind that always reminds me of England.

4. Frequent flier miles, which may get me to Scotland this summer.

5. The way I sometimes can imagine angels – not the fluffy, winged things but those muscled beings of light and fire – somehow they remind me of the vampires in the Twilight series.

6. Aslan, that lion, God, breather of life. . .

7. Fog. This morning it reminds me that I don’t see things clearly, that things aren’t always what they seem. It reminds me that I need to trust that things are working out in ways I cannot see.

8. Wil Wheaton’s Twitter page. Yep, that Wil Wheaton, former teen heartthrob, young Wesley from Star Trek: The Next Generation. This morning he tweeted about The Watchmen film; it makes me happy to know that boys whose faces I hung on my bedroom wall have turned into men who I might still think are cool.

9. My creative writing students whose work has already, in these past five weeks, begun to grow and twist into ideas and language that are beyond me. They are truly amazing.

10. God. Just simply. God who carries it all and who I can cry out to, laugh to, and occasionally, when I slow down enough, hear whispering God’s love to me, to all of us.

What is good for you today?