Last night, friends and I went to dinner and had a lovely time just talking . . . wish folks did that more often. As we were leaving the restaurant, our friend Adam took a bunch of those complimentary mints and shoved them at Kathy, who then tried to put them in his pants (darn, those tucked in shirts). . . when she was thwarted in that attempt, she dropped them in the hood of my jacket and talked about how convenient it was to have her mints easily accessible . . . On the way home, though, I really wanted a mint, and for me, mints in the hood are not so easy to reach . . . A useless lesson learned . . . and now, shared.

Today, though, is Valentine’s Day, and while I don’t have a date with a man, Kathy is taking me to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia to see the Narnia exhibition. For any of you who might know how much I love The Chronicles of Narnia, then you know how excited I am to walk through a wardrobe. . . Yeah, Kathy. What a great undate plan for me. . . .

So in the honor of the ways we should try to make each other feel loved – reminding each other that God loves each of us dearly – I thought I’d share the giveaways I’ve found around the web. So take a spin through the internet, and enter to win some great stuff, especially books.
1. Julie at The Booking Mama is giving away a copy of The Italian Lover by Robert Hellenga. . . Italian, love, book . . . perfect Valentine for me. (Julie also has a bunch of other great give-aways on her blog, so check them out.)
2. Rose at Life, Love, Yarn is giving away three KanYoFuse pendants . . . These pieces are gorgeous – glass, simple, lovely, so go visit and enter the contest.
3. For a slew of giveaways, check out Blog Giveaways for a regular update of all kinds of giveaways around the web.

Finally, today, if you feel like you can give, please consider giving a little cash to help BookMooch buy a new server. This free service keeps many of us, including me, in great books all year long, and right now, they’re at 87% of their server’s capacity and need $10,000 to buy a new one. . . So if you have it to share, share a little with them.

Meanwhile, have a gorgeous Valentine’s Day, even if you – like me – are Valentine-less this year . . . Celebrate the love that flows around us (and the cheesiness of saying things like that) and love the one you’re with . . . On to Narnia.