This morning I woke with the beginning of a crazy headache, so I took some medicine, kindly provided by my doctor who only recently diagnosed these headaches as migraines, even though he’s the third doctor I’ve seen. I love this guy, because the medicine works. But today, as I was doing my writing practice, the meds kicked in hard – maybe I was tired (okay, of course i was tired), maybe I should have eaten before I took them – but whatever the case, I got the heaviest feeling in my face, my hands were weak, and I had to lay down . . . so I took the best nap – an hour and a half of deep sleep – all before 9:30am . . . Now I feel great.

Which is good because I have some big work to do. I need to keep researching small publishers for this anthology I’m editing; I need to get started on the proposal write-up; and I need to grade like a mad woman today, in between conferences. But I must say that more sleep makes everything look doable. Can anyone relate?

So before I head into the fray of words, I thought I’d share some good news. A friend of mine, K.A. Wisniewski, will have his book coming out in the next few months; it’s call The Comedy of Dave Chappelle and contains 13 essays (including one of mine) that analyze Chappelle’s work in light of race, class, technology, pop culture, gender (mine), and other lenses. So kudos to Kevin for getting that first book out . . .

And now, I go work on mine.