Today marks the beginning of Random Acts of Kindness Week, and it couldn’t come at a better time for me. I’m not quite a third of the way into the semester, and I’m ready to be in summer already . . . I feel like my well of kindness is drying up as I watch students start to flake or get buried in their busy lives, as I watch my colleagues grow weary of the pace our jobs require us to keep up, as I see the tulips edging toward the top of the soil but be unable to safely push forward yet. I need to see kindness in the world – and to see it I need to give it.

So today, I am thinking of all the ways people have been randomly kind of me over the years.
1. Picking up trash that blows into my yard.
2. Sending me anonymous notes telling me that I was being prayed for in college.
3. Sticking hearts on my door to tease me about my loathing of Valentine’s Day decorations.
4. Buying me a stuffed dog named Patches when I hated my new school.
5. Telling me I was beautiful when I was 13 and absolutely not beautiful.
6. Sending me $20 for pizza when money was a hot commodity as a college freshman.
7. Scraping the ice off my car windows.
8. Picking up donuts and coffee for mornings at work.
9. Coming over to sit with me after a bad break-up.
10. The biggest one that comes to mind. One day in college, after I had gotten an email from an ex and was sitting in the computer lab sobbing, this man – I didn’t know him – walked over to me, sat down very kindly, asked if I was okay, and then gave me a hug. It wasn’t creepy; it wasn’t pitiful; it was just what was needed – and he gave it.

So check out this page and see what you can do – – and if you have ideas, please share them. We all need kindness in our days.