1. Notice that socks you’ve had since college have hole in the heel. Wear them anyway.
2. Hold cat while trying to type. Think his nose is cold enough that your tongue would freeze to it if you licked it. Think how gross it would be to lick your cat’s nose.
3. Ponder if you can finish The Watchmen in the hour before you head out the door.
4. Carefully pick outfit for interview with new great singer Hiram Ring. (Interview posted tomorrow).
5. Research small presses for books to be published. Hope your blog readers will have suggestions on this subject.
6. Shimmer with anticipation that you’re going to go to two bookstores today. Then shiver in nervousness because of how much your bank account could suffer.
7. Burn Genius play list inspired by Nick Lowe song “The Club” so that you can play it in the car on the way to pick up a chair from a group of Amish women who make you smile.
8. Wonder if you can ever have a love affair like Alejandro Escovedo and his wife, the writer Kim Christoff. Continue search for musical man while trying to look like you’re not searching.
9. Try to remember if Bob Dylan is single.
10. Revel in the freedom of a day without work.