This morning I must admit that it’s tougher to think of good things. I’m just in one of those mild funks that life gives us. . . . nothing major, just kind of blah. So what better reason to post some of things I can really appreciate in life, right?
1. Sun in the early, winter morning that slants just the right way to make everything glow pink and gold at the same time.
2. The fresh snow that keep surprising me each morning.
3. This beautiful golden block of light that is shining on the dark blue of my office wall, like a doorway I could walk through to a field of wildflowers.
4. A job that pays my bills.
5. Tax returns that may help pay more of my bills.
6. Friends who value time eating together and just talking.
7. Friends who call and chat.
8. My three cats who are launching into round two of the Kitten Derby this morning.
9. Writers who lend their wisdom and contacts.
10. The chance to breathe and start over each day.

And one last one, let me not forget “TheBestCupcake” who has been filling my days with joy on Twitter.