So in the spirit of the 25 Random Things Meme that is making its way around Facebook like a virus, here are my 25 random good things for this winter day.

1. Snow that glistens in the early morning sun.
2. Frederick Buechner, whose book of meditations I’m reading in the mornings these days.
3. Nyquil – can you tell I’m fighting an upper respiratory thing?
4. Ice scrapers that made my car drivable yesterday.
5. Hot tea with stevia and milk.
6. Blankets.
7. Memories of warm Moroccan walks.
8. The way winter air makes the inside of your nose tingle.
9. The blast of warmth that pushes against your face when you walk into a store.
10. The way salt dusts everything and makes it look ancient.
11. Dark evenings where the only reasonable thing to do is stay in, watch a movie, and eat good, hot food.
12. Thinking about summer concerts on the lawn.
13. Citrus, especially tangerines.
14. Stews with really soft potatoes and carrots.
15. The chance to suck on cough drops or hard candy all day and not be thought a glutton.
16. The sound that icy snow makes under my boots.
17. Running my fingers under hot water after cleaning off the car.
18. 17 gold finches on my back porch.
19. Snow delays or cancellations.
20. Seeing people make snow (ice) men and women.
21. The tips of crocuses that came out a little early but hold out through the snow.
22. Scarves
23. Candles
24. Not sweating.
25. The prospect of snow, rain, spring, and warmth.