I think sometimes when people travel, especially to do the kind of work we will be doing in Morocco (building, working a physical therapy center, teaching kids), we assume that we will be helping these people, that our trip is really only about them. And while I certainly that we are a help to the people in the village we visit, I suspect (and hope) that I learn much more from and be served much more by this experience than I will teach or serve. Such is the way of most new experiences.

That said, I’m about to leave (our flight takes off from JFK at 9pm tonight) for eight days where I’m praying that I do not have any contact with anyone but the people I am with there in Morocco. I realized yesterday that since I took my current position I haven’t gone more than three days without doing some kind of work, be it answering email or actual teaching. This situation has arisen partially by choice – I’m a little addicted to the internet – but also by necessity – things seem to go awry if someone isn’t watching over them. So for this blessed eight days, I will not be working – at least not at my “job.” I’m more excited about this than anything, I think.

So I will “see” you all when I return. I will try to regale you with stories and pictures if I can. Meanwhile, live the moment, write the roads, and dance it out.