I’ve been told about or found myself some really great things in this world of ours, so I thought I’d share them with you.

First, Alexander McCall Smith, author of the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency series, is writing an online novel called Corduroy Mansions in coordination with the Telegraph in London. Each day he posts a new chapter, and he’s been working at it for a few months now. So I need to catch up, and if you’re a mystery fan, or just a fan of good writing, I encourage you to check it out, too. (Also, while I have no idea what it means to Twitter – gasp – you can also get this novel through Twitter. If you check it out, be sure to let me know what you think.

Secondly, for those of you in San Francisco, my friend Kevin Killian, who I once called puckish, much to his dismay, in an interview, is hosting “My Vocabulary Did This to Me: A Tribute to Jack Spicer” at the SF Main Library tomorrow at 1pm. If you’re on Facebook, you can check out the event and RSVP. I wish I could go; there will be such great writers there, and Spicer is amazing.

Third, if you haven’t already seen Milk, the film about Harvey Milk, the first openly gay politician to hold a major seat in the United States, you absolutely should. Not only is Milk, the man, inspiring, his portrayal by Sean Penn is brilliant. . . and if you’ve ever lived or been to San Francisco, as I have, it’s a blast to see all the beautiful places again on the big screen – especially those places, like the Castro, that don’t often get lots of screen time. Amazing movie.

Fourth, tonight in Philadelphia, Slimfit will be playing at The Khyber. They’re playing with Perkasie and Toy Soldiers, and the show promises to be amazing. But if you can’t make it, come back to my site tomorrow – I’ll be posting an interview with the band and a review of the show. Meanwhile, enjoy this picture and come on out tonight for some real, good fun . . .

Slimfit - Photo by Emily Albert