Today, I find myself thinking I’m on one of those “in-between days,” those days that fall between events, between holidays, between work days, between plans. And I don’t like that I think that way. Why must I always be thinking that I have to be doing something major to be doing something? Am I this much bought into the American work ethic that I can’t just enjoy days off, get a few things done, relax, putter. . . . must I always be “doing something.”

Yesterday, a friend and I went to see Milk, the film about the assassination of San Francisco City Supervisor Harvey Milk, the first out, gay man to hold major public office in the U.S. It was brilliant as a film – Sean Penn was phenomenal as were most of the cast members. Plus, it was set in San Francisco, a city that I seem to love more now that I don’t live there. I really appreciated the complex story that the film tried to tell, and I was moved, once again, to remember that the struggle for gay rights is one of civil liberties. We have come so far, but we still have so far left to go.

After the film, we went over to the home of other friends’ and ate a great dinner of leftover soup, cheese, and bread. We laughed a lot. We shared stories. It was the way food should be enjoyed. Then, we played Guitar Hero. That was fun, even if I was really bad at it. The drums are particularly not my forte – but then singing and the base weren’t much better. But it was great to just relax with good friends and laugh – a lot, mostly at each other.

So there, yesterday was an in-between day – one in which I had no major plans and yet, because I didn’t feel the need to rigidly construct a schedule I had a relaxed, meaningful, special day. Perhaps I can see that happen more if I just let go a bit . . . . that phrase “live in the moment” seems strangely appropriate.