Today, of course, I revel in all that is good, and today is especially good. THE SEMESTER IS OVER. My grades are entered (as of fifteen minutes ago, just forty-five minutes before the deadline). I am so glad. Part of the reason that I love teaching so much is that I get a chance to celebrate a job well done twice a year. And if the semester didn’t go as well as I’d hoped, I get to try again in the spring. Woo hoo!!

I also want to celebrate my creative writing students. Their portfolios were professional, thoughtful, and contained some really stellar writing. Look out for these folks – they’ll be publishing before you know it.

This afternoon the celebration will continue when my colleagues and friends come over for a little post-semester gathering. Good wine, good friends, good conversation – excellent stuff.

I’m also celebrating beautiful men these days. I don’t know a special one in my life right now, but recently I’ve been struck by how creative, thoughtful and powerful men can be. Men who reach out into the world with vulnerable, compassionate hearts – wow!! (Women are spectacular, too, but I tend to celebrate them more regularly, so we’ll give props to the men today).

I should also celebrate the beautiful gifts I got from Kathy yesterday – Annie Liebovitz’s new book On Working, which is gorgeous, and the new collection Best American Essays, edited by Adam Gopnik. I now have even more great reading for over the break. Thanks, Kathy.

A few other great things – Snow Patrol, cat nip, fairy tales, days when the sky is almost lavender with cold, Christmas caroling with friends, the rhymes that little girls sing, babies who hold one of your fingers, and art . . . . .

Can you tell I’m a little manic with glee today? Won’t you join me. Dance around to your favorite album, run out and give a hoot of laughter in the yard, spin until you’re dizzy. Celebrate the day.