So today, I asked my friend Kathy – who is staying with me for a while – what things she likes.

Here’s her list, in no particular order.
1. Cheese
2. Scratch N Sniff Men in the Dec. 1st issue of People Magazine. (I like this, too).
3. Rainy days. When it’s warm, she likes to open the windows and watch. When it’s cold, she shuts up the house, grabs a blanket, and reads.
4. Norah Jones.
5. Good conversations.
6. Good friends.
7. Crazy cats. One of hers lays down while she eats; the other uses his paw to drink. Crazy, for sure.
8. Her impending vacation.
9. When You Are Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris
10. Christmas decorations on the Ficus tree.

Kathy’s staying with me for a bit, and it’s been great. She’s cooked, cleaned, and last night, when I had another rough day at work, she picked up silly, fluffy movies for me to watch while I graded. It’s awesome. She’s a good friend.

So what do your friends like? What do you appreciate about them?