I have been blessed with a really wonderful opportunity this January – I’m going to Morocco. A group of us from church will be heading over there to help build a house for a family (currently, eleven people are living in a three room house) and helping with a physical therapy center.

This will be my first trip to a non-Western country (is there a better way to say that so that I’m not defining their culture in terms of my own?), and I’m very excited. I’m trying to read up on appropriate attire (any suggestions?) and Moroccan culture. I’m trying to consider how it will be to spend time in not only a Muslim community but also a rural Muslim community. All of this is so exciting to me.

Morocco is never somewhere I considered traveling, not because I was opposed to the idea but simply because I never heard much about the nation (somehow Casablanca doesn’t call up Morocco for me, ironic, I know). I had always imagined South Africa being my first country to visit in the African continent – but now I’m very excited to see this place where three cultures converge, where Arabic, French, and English mingle, where I can experience new things and know new people. Yeah!

So how about you? Any travel plans? Any dreams of traveling anywhere in particular? If so, why do you want to go there specifically? Any advice about my trip to Morocco?

Doors in Chaouen, Morocco“Doors in Chaouen, Morocco”