Today, as I sit in my office and see the sun rising in my neighbor’s windows, I have many things to be thankful for (and yes, I know that Thanksgiving was last week :))
1. I’m grateful for Christmas lights, gaudy and lovely all. I’m even thankful for those hideous inflatable things – a lifesize Grinch, a penguin in a Santa cap, giant snowglobes – because they give me something to make fun of (sorry if you have one in your yard) and they remind me that it’s Christmas time, a fact I keep forgetting. And the lights, those of you who hang those beautiful wreaths on red ribbons from each window and then set a little candle on the sill – you are my favorites. But I also love those of you who hang eight different kinds of lights – tiny white bulbs, big bulbous multi-colored ones, flashing lights, icicle lights, blue candelabras; you make me happy in your garish celebration of the holiday.

2. Cats make me happy. Right now, I have five in my house – my own three and two who belong to a friend who needed a place to crash for a bit. They are so blatantly about themselves most of the time, but occasionally one little kitten will walk up, curl herself into a ball, and drop like a tiny lead weight on my leg while I sleep – that’s a good moment.

3. Coffee. Man, do I love coffee. I’ve probably mentioned coffee on here before, but it deserves mentioning again. YUMMY!

4. I found a new artist, thanks to my friend Kathy, this week – Eric Hutchinson. He’s got this soul/funk vibe that is so fun. Great guitar and backing band – a perfect bit of music to keep you in the holiday spirit when you just really can’t abide one more Christmas carol.

5. I am especially thankful today for this transcendent peace that has settled over me in the last twenty-four hours. There could potentially be so much stress in my life right now – end of semester, new roommate, house on market, no job come June – but I don’t feel any of it. I am simply feeling like I need to take one day at a time and see what presents itself to me that day. “Tomorrow has enough trouble of it’s own,” as the Bible says. So here I sit, cats all around me, Christmas lights tucked away in the sunbeams of the day, peace abiding, and an empty coffee mug. Off for a refill of everything.

Have a wonderful day.