This weekend, I had lots of time to consider what I want my life to be – boy, do I wish I had that kind of time more often. I woke up this morning excited and invigorated. It’s amazing.

So here’s what I’ve come to – first, I’m staying pretty close to where I am now. I finally feel like I’ve found a place that feels like home. After moving all over the country for most of my life, it’s wonderful to feel myself settling in, without forcing it. I’ll be moving again, but just over the border into PA where I will buy land, set up my little farmette and begin the life I’ve dreamed of having for years.

One of the things that I’ve always wanted to do at my home is have a place for artists and others to come and find respite and sustenance. Part of that dream involves having house concerts and courses – yoga, writing, music – for people who need a quiet place to experience these things. Somehow in the past few months of work and plans, I had lost sight of this part of my dream, and last night, for some reason, that element of this came back to me as I shared it with someone over email. Now, I’m so excited.

I’d love to have artists like my old college-mate Nathan Miller come and play. His music is gorgeous – understated vocals sung in Nate’s clear and cogent voice and backed by his skilled guitar playing. Definitely visit his website and let him know what you think. He’s exploring his music fully now, and I’d love to see him record more albums and put his voice into the world more. Take a listen and see if you agree. Can’t you just hear him playing a house concert by a roaring fireplace?

Last night, someone suggested the idea that he had once been asked to hold outdoor concerts at anursery, and I thought that was a brilliant idea. I could host mini-festivals, replete with bonfires and s’mores, music, and friendship. Plus, my friend Molly could teach yoga in the mornings – she will be an amazing teacher – and I could hold a writing workshop in the evening. We could eat food grown largely from my garden and supplemented with free trade, organic coffee and great locally crafted wine. We could stay up late into the night talking and playing games. We could take walks through the Lancaster farm country. We could relax and take grace where it comes in the moments of life. What do you think? Would you like to come?

Imagine that today, World AIDS Day, we held a huge benefit concert to help world-wide AIDS organizations. Imagine if Nate and Saint Narcissus and Slimfit and other musicians played, if Molly taught yoga to the hundreds assembled, if I got a workshop for HIV/AIDS patients going – imagine if we could do this and raise money and awareness . . . imagine if we had fun doing it . . . wouldn’t that be beautiful – a little big of God’s grace in the world.

I do hope you will all join me in dreaming this and in visiting when it’s built. Thanks.

Amish One Room School House - David Kozlowski