Today, I got this beautiful reminder from my yoga teacher Melissa that all we have to do as human beings it realize that we are here on this earth to grow (and I would add to learn how to love God and each other more). She also reminded me that everything we need is in ourselves – peace, love, hope – and that it’s only when we try to find those things outside of ourselves that we are unhappy. What a good reminder.

So with that in mind, I have sharing only good news today. First, I need to announce the winner of The Monk Downstairs giveaway – The winner of this great book is Darby. I’ll get that book out to you as soon as I get your mailing address. Congratulations.

Also, don’t forget that I have one more giveaway going on currently. If you comment on this post, you’re eligible to win a signed copy of Linda Wisniewski’s great book Off Kilter. So comment away.

On other good news, I did try using a line of Milosz’s poetry today to kickstart my writing practice, and it was wonderful. I wrote the most honest and fresh stuff that I’ve written in weeks, so I would highly recommend this practice. Just read a few poems of a favorite poet and wait for a line to strike you. Then, transcribe that line as the first line of your writing practice that day. A Brilliant Idea from Brenda Miller.

For those of you who feel like you are always spending money on ink for your printer, I have a great website to help you save a few bucks – Inksmile . They have amazing prices on ink, and if you refer friends to their site, they can use your referral number, and then, you get a credit toward your next ink purchase. My ink cartridges were almost half of what they are in the store, and some of my proceeds went to Big Cat Rescue (see below.)

And here’s an organization that I’m very excited about – Big Cat Rescue. They’re an organization that is based in Florida, and their mission is to save cats but also to teach people about the plight of cats in captivity and in the wild. Below is a photo of one of their babies (and by “baby” I mean huge kitty) Hercules, the snow leopard; please visit their website and take a look at their beautiful cats and learn about their important work.
Hercules, the Snow Leopard

Finally, I’m announcing that each Thursday I will be having “good stuff day.” (Do you like that sophisticated title I came up with? It took a lot of thought. :)) So check in here for good stuff I’ve found, send me good stuff I should mention (my email address is on the “about me” page), and feel free to take this idea and run with it on your own blog. I’d love to see us spread more good cheer – after all, we did start a new era last Tuesday – Here’s to Change and Positivity and Obama. Have a great day.

A Sunny Autumn Day by D L EnnisA Sunny, Autumn Day by D L Ennis