So my friend Lee tells me that my blog is really bringing him down lately, so in an effort to make Lee smile and to show that I’m really not as morose and depressing a person as I might seem lately, I give you my list of “favorite things.” (I must admit that as a child when I got scared, I sang this song in my head belting out the chorus to calm myself down. It always worked).

1. Unobstructed views of the mountain or oceans.
2. Cheese – the stronger the better.
3. Acoustic guitar.
4. The color of the sky at dawn (like now) and dusk.
5. Vladimir Nabokov.
6. Laughing so hard I cry.
7. Talking with friends over a bottle of wine.
8. Writing what I’m thinking or feeling or seeing.
9. Logic problems. My 5th grade teacher Mrs. Mackey did these with us most days, and I still love them.
10. The way cats and dogs feel when they sleep against you.
11. Anne Lamott.
12. Caravaggio.
13. Hearing about my friends’ successes.
14. Star gazing in the winter.
15. Bassett hounds, Bernese Mountain Dogs, St. Bernards, Newfoundlands, and other big dogs.
16. The smell of snow.
17. Patty Griffin, Jonatha Brooke, Tracy Chapman, Ellis Paul, Indigo Girls, Josh Ritter, Rhett Miller, Dar Williams, and most singer/songwriters.
18. Photography – I can’t take beautiful pictures, but I can admire them with passion.
19. Remembering that God loves me.
20. Talking with my parents in the early morning before breakfast.
21. Putting my cold feet on my brother’s warm ones.
22. Walking slowly.
23. Thomas Merton
24. Wind in my face.
25. Singing loudly and with gusto.

Oh and one more, good friends who remind me that life is a good thing, most times. Thanks, Lee.