So today, in tribute, to the wonderful world of blogs out there, I give you – “5 Blogs I Love” by Andilit. All of these are put together by women, which was not my intention when I started this post, but I seem to need the voices of women in particular these days – so here you go. enjoy.

1. Newly discovered today is Faking It by Jennifer. I have no idea if this blog is kept up by writer Jennifer Crusie whose book Faking It I just finished listening to and whose character Tilda has been walking around in my mind for days, but if it is, she has a beautiful blog. And if Jennifer isn’t Crusie, then I want to read whatever this Jennifer has written, too. Perhaps my favorite feature of this blog is “Wordless Wednesday” where she posts a picture. I may have to steal that idea.

2. I also love Oh! Books . . . Paper . . . Real Life, and not only because the URL includes the ‘word’ “westcobich.” Oh’s writing is fun and lucid, and she moves around the topics of her life – overheard conversations, festivals, her life in Mississippi, the books that she’s reading. But one thing I really love if the nicknames she gives her family – HM for her husband and Snarl – check it out to see who Snarl is.

3. My dear friend Melissa has started blogging about her family since they moved to Aberdeen, Scotland a few months ago. Normally, I wouldn’t put friends’ blogs up here, but Melissa is a gifted writer, and her husband, Justin – who posts occasionally – is also very funny. So check out their Wee Word site and read about their experiences in Scotland as Americans.

4. A couple of weeks ago I wandered across The Task at Hand, a blog kept by a woman living in the hurricane-stricken area in Texas. She writes with honesty and beauty – her language is slow and smooth, gorgeous really. From her most recent post: To put it another way, what surrounds us, becomes us. If we listen to hatred, we are more likely to speak in a hateful way. If we continually hear cynicism and negativity from those around us, we are more like to become cynical and pessimistic ourselves. If we listen only to Homer Simpson and Spongebob Squarepants, we’ll speak in one sort of voice. If we listen only to Shakespeare, we’ll speak in another. The point is not that we should choose one voice over another – Homer Simpson and Shakespeare both have a place in my world – but we need to be attentive to and aware of the quality of the voices around us. We have the ability to choose which voices we attend to and cherish, and we need to make those choices in order to nurture and protect our own true voice. She’s worth putting on your Reader or RSS feed, without question.

5. Finally, if you haven’t read Crazy Aunt Purl’s blog , you should. Today’s post narrates cats perfectly, and since I spent much of the last few evenings catering to my own feline companions – cleaning litter, applying flea medication, stunning them with a few minutes of franticness brought on by a laser pointer – I find it wonderful.