I am loving the blog thing these days, mostly because I’m being asked to review the greatest books. Yesterday, in the mail, I received Eroto Mania by Francis Levy. I’m not usually a big reader of erotica, but this one got reviewed in the Village Voice, so I’ll see if I can give it a go.

I’m also getting lots of requests to interview writers and/or feature their books. So in the next couple of months, look for a couple of interviews and potential guests posts. Exciting stuff.

But the thin I am by far the most excited about is this new book called Bible Illuminated. It’s a translation of the New Testament that uses modern language and images to convey the ideas of that portion of the Bible (the Old Testament will be published next year).

According to the publishers’ website, their Mission is to:
Illuminated World seeks to introduce today’s audience to a revolutionary contemporary Bible, one that encourages dialogue and is culturally relevant, accessible and easily digestible for any reader regardless of religious, economic, racial or social background.

We have no religious agenda nor do we support a specific faith. Bible Illuminated is intended to be a unique vehicle for reacquainting today’s reader with one of the most important historical, and cultural texts ever written.

I got a sneak peek at the book, and I’m really blown away. I read the Bible on almost a daily basis, and this translation isn’t that far off from what I’ve read before. But something about this format with great illustrations – think images of Mother Theresa praying and smoke-shrouded photos of the Rwandan genocide – makes the Bible speak today more than it does for many people. My favorite part of the book – from what I’ve seen so far – is that it includes the Millienium Development Goals from the UN – I see the Bible as, in part, a document about the need for social justice, so this element of Bible Illuminated strikes at my heart. Please stay tuned for my full review in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, I’m off to read more, grade more, and maybe even write more. May your day be full of words and powerful images.

Cover of The Bible Illuminated