I am not a woman of exercise. I love taking walks and hiking, but when it comes to getting “30 minutes three times a week,” the idea sets my teeth on edge. I just don’t like to think about exercise as another thing I have to do in my day.
And yet, I feel pretty exhausted most days. I know that’s partially because I’m not getting any exercise, nothing is moving the stuff – good and bad – around in my body.
This morning, as I wake from 9 hours of sleep and still feel exhausted, I wonder what I can do to help myself. Do I need to make a point of walking each day? Do I need to get back to yoga? Do I need to do push-ups? I say “YES” to the first two, and “HELL NO” to the third.

So I know my body needs this stuff, but I also know my spirit needs it, too. The more tired and lethargic I am, the more my writing becomes tired and lethargic. Everything comes out slow and weak, like tea made from the third steeping of the teabag. Sometimes this is okay – we have to write where we are and in how we feel – but as I keep producing this stuff after a couple of weeks, I begin to wonder what I can do to enliven my words.

Today, therefore, I begin a health regimen which will include vitamins and daily walks and better nutrition (everyone moan with me as you learn that I ate McDonald’s french fries for dinner one night last week). Plus, I’m heading back to yoga tomorrow – nothing helps me write like yoga does. I need to take better care of this part of me that carries my Self and God’s spirit in it. If I don’t, well, then, I will be tired and weak for the rest of my life. That sounds pretty horrible to me.

How about you guys? Does your writing suffer when you aren’t taking care of yourself?