So here I am, doing my writing practice, and I feel completely out of sorts. I had a bad teaching day yesterday, where I decided to go against plans and try out new stuff – only to have most of that stuff not go off as well as I’d like. I’m tired, the students are tired, and to be honest, it probably won’t get much better because we don’t have a break until Thanksgiving (no fall break for us, no sirree – push through – education as marathon, I guess).

Thus, when I sat down to write after meditating this morning, I thought I would just blab on and on about myself, trying to clear out the mental space to get a good idea. But then, an idea came to me – now, don’t get bowled over by my brilliance here – I decided I could write about something other than myself. Wow! I know, what an insight, huh? Other subjects in the word besides me – who knew?

Most of you I hope are laughing at my feigned genius, but perhaps some of you are wondering how in the world this can seem like an insight to anyone. I’m with you on that one, except that I always write about myself. I guess – sigh – I am a memoir-writer in some sense of the word, as much as I don’t really like thinking of myself that way. I’ve always conceptualized myself as more of an essayist, which I guess also means that I write about my thoughts about subjects, too. Sigh.

But anyway, I decided this morning that I would try to do some research and write about what I found. Randomly – and not entirely randomly given the location where I might move – I am going to do some research on The Waltons. The real ones (actually named the Hamners) and the TV ones. I don’t know what, if anything, will come of this, but I do find liberation, already, in thinking about the idea that I can take a break from parsing out my own neurosis for a bit. (Although, I fully realize that this research may bring up whole new neurosis – my desire for a big family that wishes one another good night, for example – that I didn’t even realize I had.)

That said, I love research, so this should be fun. And to start me off, anybody have any thoughts on the Waltons that you’d like to share?

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