Well, my friends, I am absolutely overwhelmed by blogs these days. I have not been able to keep up and read all the blogs in my Feeds – I simply don’t have time to do it daily, but if I don’t read daily, I get so far behind that I can’t keep up. Can anyone relate?

So I’ve decided to try a new tactic. If you are a blogger and want to let me know about your blog, please post the link to your blog in my comments section. Then, I will add you to my Google reader, which I will set up this weekend. If you are someone who has a great website/blog to recommend – something about writing or teaching or books – please post that link, too. I’ll check those out as well.

Then, I’ll keep adding folks to my reader as new people come by and visit. I hate to miss out on all the good stuff going on on the web, so please let me know about your blogs. And spread the word, if you don’t mind. Thanks.

By the way, if any of you are in the Baltimore/Philadelphia areas tonight, there’s a great presentation going on at my school – Communicating Nature: Journalism, Environmentalism, and Cultural Awareness – at 6:30pm tonight. Journalist Tom Horton and photojournalist Dave Harp will be talking about the connections between environmental concerns on the Chesapeake Bay and these same concerns on a more global level. Please come if you can; the event is free and open to the public. The campus is an hour south of Philly and an hour north of Baltimore on 95. More info here.