Any of you watch Obama and McCain last night? What did you think? Did you think either one of their did decidedly better than the other?

I, despite my loyal allegiance to Senator Obama, actually thought they came out pretty even in the end, although, of course, I agreed with a lot more of what Obama said. And I was very put off (and I’m still trying to process the rationale of this) to hear that McCain would put a spending free on everything BUT defense, veterans benefits, and entitlement programs. I certainly believe we should take care of soldiers, and I know most people put a strong national defense high on the list of priorities. But that these things would trump so much else, I am just having a hard time understanding McCain’s logic there.

I watched the debate with two friends, both folks from the more liberal side of the spectrum, and we pondered throughout the evening if the more conservative of our fellow viewers was railing at Obama like we were railing at McCain. I couldn’t fathom why they would be; I’m that blind in my own politics. But I could imagine that they were and that they felt just as passionately about what they think is the right thing as I do about what I think is the right thing. Sometimes people do not agree; sometimes there is no consensus, except that in the idea that we aren’t going to agree. Perhaps that is enough.