Kool Kids Klub Button

I would like to thank the blogosphere for this award and all the support it has given me. To my readers and blogging friends, I say a hearty thanks for your faithfulness. And now to the woman who made it all happen, Chartroose, you are a dear . . . thank you, thank you.

Since Chartroose has given me membership into the Kool Kids Klub, I felt an acceptance speech of some kind was necessary. I don’t think I’ve ever been considered cool before, and I certainly am nowhere near as cool as the kids in the button – so I feel especially honored. Thank you. If you would like to be a member, please use the button and, thus, join in . . . Let Chartroose know if you sign-up – she is the club master after all.

And now, with that fine bit of support, I will depart to see if I can run two meetings, teach two classes, and still get the house ready for my lovely guest that’s coming this evening. . . . Whew!!!!
I really need to pare down my life.