So yesterday, I tendered my formal resignation from my job. It took me a couple of minutes to write the letter, a couple of minutes to input the changes that a good friend suggested, and less than a minute to drop it into the appropriate mailboxes. And now, honestly, I feel great . . . really great. I still have this year to teach and work at the college, which is good, but now I see an end in sight . . . my dream just over the horizon . . . I am so excited.

My father has come back for a few days to help me get the house in order to go on the market, and I have a great team of folks coming on Saturday to do the same. Sometimes things fall into place just as they’re supposed to, and this time, I am taking this lovely order of events to be God’s gorgeous blessing on this following of God’s will . . . that’s what I am doing here, at least to the best of my ability.

Yesterday, my friend Bill asked me what I was going to do when I left the college. I told him I didn’t know yet, and his response was perfect. “That’s even better,” he said . . . and that’s how I feel . . . there’s something about stepping out in faith, confident that everything will work out, that makes every change of life even more exciting and easy. I’m sure I’ll come up on hard stuff somewhere in this transition – I always have before – but I am secure in knowing it will all work out . . .

Meanwhile, I have a great group of students this semester, especially in my creative writing class. They are bold and playful, and they genuinely want to learn . . . what could be better.

Plus, today, I send out a new piece of work to some journals . . . it’s all coming together.

May you have a day where every parking space is yours, where every project flows easily, and where no one bugs you about something you don’t have time to do . . . happy day, all.

A New Day Dawning by D L Ennis
“A New Day Dawning” by D L Ennis