Okay, so I know we’re almost a month away from the “technical” end of summer and beginning of fall, but since classes start for me this week, I think this is where we are. And I’m ready . . . I’m sitting here in a tank top, sweating through what I hope is the last of the humid days for a few months, and I’m aching for that cool brace of air that tingles my nostrils and makes me long for Friday night football games and Saturday afternoon soccer (football=high school; soccer=college). I want to need a sweater when I go out the door, and I long to wear socks. I even want my feet to be chilled so that I can tuck them under my legs when I watch a movie. Fall – that’s living for me.

When I imagine worlds, like those in fairy tales, they are often worlds in perpetual fall. This morning I read “The Frog Prince” in Maria Tatar’s annotated collection of Classic Fairy Tales I imagined the princess and the frog in a forest with leaves that are colored and dropping. It’s not the same to be in an imaginary place that’s in statis, for that’s what I see in summer. I want change, decline or growth. Something moving . . . nothing stable. Isn’t that the world of the fairy tale where nothing is what it was a few moments before?

Just now outside my office window, a family walked by on their way to the schoolbus. A little boy has a brand new backpack on, and his mom is smiling that big fake smile of sadness as they stroll by. Yesterday, in the office supply store, so many kids were buying paper and pens – one little boy threw a tantrum over a pack of Sharpies (I can relate) – and one little girl bought this thing that looked like a Trapper Keeper. I loved Trapper Keepers. That little binder full of pockets and plastic used to make me so happy; and I’m thrilled to see if still exists. Wow!!! I should get one.

There’s just something about fall that reminds me of life again in a way that summer can’t. I breathe deeply.
– “Autumn’s Peak” by D L Ennis