Well, the news is out, and I have to say I’m not sure what to make of it. First, let me establish that I am a HUGE Obama supporter. Every time I see a button or sticker with logo on it, I give a little shout (ask anyone who sees me on a regular basis – I scared one of our librarians the other day when I saw his button her bag.) As for Biden, I think he has done some amazing things, like put forth the ACCESS act that increases Federal support for education. And his work in Kosovo and on Darfur and Georgia is great. I get a bit hesitant with him because of his very diligent stance on the drug war, not because I support the free flow of drugs into the country but because it seems like we may be making the situation worse rather than better. Perhaps there is a compromise between massive penalty and complete apathy – but that’s not a huge sticking point for me.

Where I think Obama made a wise choice is in picking a man who lots of Foreign Relations experience. Hopefully Biden’s experience here will quell some of the criticism about Obama’s naivete in that area. However, I suspect it won’t because usually when people want to be critical (and I admit this of myself when it comes to McCain) they will find new ways to be critical. There’s something about human nature there.

All that said, I must confess to a vast lack of knowledge about Biden, something I hope to rectify in the coming days. But overall, this seems like a good – if not super-exciting – choice on Obama’s part. What do you guys think? What do you think about this election over all? Are you excited? Apathetic? Feeling like we’re going down the same road no matter what, or energized that change might be in the works?

I’m teaching a writing/reading class that has the election as it’s theme this year, so I am invested – not only personally but also professionally – in being informed this year. So far, it’s been great fun reading up on the candidates.