So it’s the first day back to a lot of things for me – school, writing (after my two week haiatus) and even taking vitamins. I’m trying to also get back into my routine with a good spirit, which means I’m trying to stay in this moment – not always think ahead to what needs to be done later. Today, that’s proving fairly easy, but we’ll see how it goes once things really get rolling.

This morning I ate my breakfast outside and gazed at the glorious, recently-full moon against the blue sky. I played with the kittens. Then, I meditated, journalled, and wrote for about an hour. That all feels so good. I’m not a person who likes every day to be the same – I get bored easily – but there is something to a routine when it comes to the most important things, like talking to God and doing my writing. These seem to demand a place of routined precedence.

The weather here is lovely today, so far . . . all my windows are open, and I’m feeling the breeze on my face as I write. I would be fine if it didn’t get hot again this summer, but I imagine we’ll have a few more blazers before my favorite season really rolls in. Until then, I’ll revel in the brightness of summer light and the glory of cucumbers from my container garden. And I’ll try to stay now, in this moment, every day.

What about you? Do you find yourself slipping into what’s next before you’re even done with what’s now? Do you like multi-tasking? Hate it? What works for you?