So here I am at 8am on the last Saturday before I have to return to teaching for the fall. The next ten days before school starts will be filled with meetings – lots and lots of meetings – and with me scrambling to finish my syllabi and get my first assignments in order. Part of me is sad that we’re back to it again.

But a larger part of me – the part of me that has decided to take this weekend and do whatever I want – thinks it’s time for me to be back into a routine. I’m excited to get back to my writing, and I love my students – most days. Truth be told, the only thing I don’t like about teaching is all the bureaucracy that surrounds it. If I could simply teach and not attend meetings or chair committees, I would love every minute of it – and I would be better at it, too. But alas, this is not the world of a full-time professor, and it’s not even the world of adjuncts since to make a living they have to teach so many courses at so many schools that they can’t possibly sit with their classes and make great plans or ponder an approach to a particular student. It seems that all of us in higher education – probably K-12 education, too – are simply getting through the days – and isn’t that sad?

But we do the best we can, and that has to be enough. And I’m ready to get back to it this year before I move onto a different life that is a bit slower in pace.

So to all of you – teachers and students alike – I wish you a glorious term and a restful, fun “last weekend.” Share your thoughts on going back to school if you will, or let us know what you’re doing with your last weekend. I imagine mine will be full with cleaning – something I enjoy when I can do it well – and maybe some movies. Plus, I have some great reading to catch up on.

– “Back to School” by zinkwazi