So I’m sitting here on this gorgeous cool day in August where our temperatures haven’t topped 80 for three days, and I’m writing on my mother’s new Macbook that she got for her birthday. I have long been a Mac convert, but this little notebook makes me understand why. (For those of you who are die-hard PC fans, I’d recommend you stop reading just so that you don’t get upset unnecessarily.)

First, the usability of Macs is amazing . . . all the programs use the same basic functions and macros. . . and most everything is drag and drop compatible. That’s a huge deal when trying to train people over 60 – like my beloved parents – how to use a new computer.

Secondly, in the five years since I’ve had my G5 notebook, it has only frozen once; it has never shut down randomly, and I have never gotten that dreaded blue screen. Plus, it’s still running five years later, and I can still load software on it and keep updating it . . . that’s not always possible with a PC

Finally, I love Macs because the directions for things are so easy. No need to give me all the technical stuff; I admit that I don’t understand it and, therefore, don’t need it. So I appreciate simple directions and tools.

So I’m a big fan . . . what about you? Which platform do you prefer and why? Does anyone have any great WordPress tricks for Macs that I can use? Share you thoughts on computers in general – love them? hate them? Why?