Here I sit in Annapolis, MD with my parents. We’re staying in a bed and breakfast overlooking Main St. . . . I love this town. . . . cute shops (not to mention cute sailors – the U.S. Naval Academy is here) and great restaurants. Last night we ate at the Middletown Tavern. . . I had a great dirty martini, which I needed because we sat in three hours of traffic on the Bay Bridge (a slightly smaller bridge than SF’s one of the same name) because a tractor trailer had tragically driven off the bridge and was still floating in the water earlier in the day. The night was perfect – cool and breezy . . . and then we all returned to our room (we’re a thrifty folk, so we’re sharing space) and watched Michael Phelps swim a bit. Today, we’re heading out on a Bay Cruise to St. Michael’s – a little town on the Eastern Shore, and it’s another perfect day for it.

The relaxation is much needed after the crazines yard-saliness of the weekend. We made a couple of hundred dollars, which is great – but the biggest hit was a record my grandparents’ had. It was an unopened copy of a five-record set of Ella Fitzgerald singing Gershwin songs. . . . it sold for over $100. . . my grandfather yelped when he heard the news. . . that little yelp makes it all worth it.

I’m not reading much and I’m writing less – but it’s great . . . I’m feeling like that part of me is getting all refreshed with time with family and friends. My college friends Sarah and Shelva were up over the weekend, and they’re awesome . . . plus, Shelva brought her nearly 6 month old son Symeon over . . . there’s nothing like a baby to make me smile . . .and he’s so happy with red hair and jowls – adorable!!!

So I’m to eat my way across the Bay today . . . Thanks for reading, and if you want to share your summer fun, please do.