Thanks for all the comments supporting my decision to take time off for the next two week while my parents are visiting. I’ve been having such a good time with my mom. I never laugh as hard as I do when I’m with her. And as Derek commented, I will have this time as writing fuel later both in content and energy.

Meanwhile, I’ve really been enjoying the pricing of items for Ebay and the yard sale I’m having tomorrow. My living room looks like a knick knack bomb went off – my grandmother had quite the collection of roosters – but it feels good to clean things out and give them to others.

Plus, my friend Sarah is coming up to help us set-up tomorrow, and my other friend Shelva and her son Symeon are coming tomorrow to hang out. I have great friends – I really do.

The kittens are loving the big piles of stuff to leap around and in – so far nothing has broken, and for that we are grateful.

And in terms of writing, I do feel my book gestating, preparing itself for a revision since I think I’m done with my first draft (what a wonderful thing to say). I never thought I’d get a first draft of a book done, so to know it sits here on this lovely iBook – wow! I am eager to get back to it, but I know it’s working itself out in me even as I bargain with people about the price of a giant rooster.

Enjoy your weekends, all. If I have time, I”ll stop in and update you on things. Happy writing and resting.

Rooster by Canong2fan “Rooster” by Canong2fan