Just a quick post to explain why I haven’t posted a “real” post today . . . I have one word for you – E-Bay.

My grandparents are moving into a retirement home soon, and so they have given my mother and I charge of a whole bunch of stuff they want to get rid of. So she and I spent the day loading things into my car, driving them to my house, unloading them, sorting them into “yard sale” or “Ebay” piles, and then putting them on E’Bay. If you have a hankering for some classical records or old cameras, check out my Ebay page.

Meanwhile, I have some more guest reviews to divy out, so look for an email/comment from me tomorrow if you have a book coming your way. Thanks to everyone for wanting to help out, and I”ll be thrilled to share this space with other writers – what a great thing.

My kittens are dozing off next to me, and I might drift off on the computer here . . . so I’m off to bed. But more tomorrow, hopefully.