Thank you to everyone who responded to my last blog post. I’m happy to have so many people want to review what I know will be worthwhile reads.
Here’s what I’ve divied out so far:
Word Lily – you’ve got The Reluctant Colonel by Michael J. Merry
Oh – you’ve got Down to the Sunless See by Mathias Freese (please see his comment on the original post so that you can get his latest work which he has generously offered to send you, signed.)
CB – you’ve got Heavier Than Air by Nona Caspers coming your way.

If you guys will send me your mailing addresses at andilit at, I”ll put your books in the mail ASAP.

Meanwhile, I still have Disturbing Questions, Sisters of Misery, The Fifth Dimension, and Dear John available to four additional reviewers if anyone is interested. I’d like to post the reviews here on my site, but if you’d like to cross-post them on your sites, too, I think that would be wonderful.

My posts will be sporatic in the next two weeks because my parents are visiting – it’s great – so I’ll try to get here as often as I can and keep telling you what I’m reading (or not reading, as the case may be.) Thanks for coming back to check in.