So I haven’t much to say about my writing this week that I haven’t already said – I’m writing regularly, thank goodness, and today I – surprisingly – even wrote something I liked. That doesn’t happen very often, so I’m reveling in that moment right now.

But because I feel a bit like I’ve been talking about writing ad nauseum, I thought I’d take a different approach this week and highlight a few of the blogs I really adore. I hope you will tell me what you think of them, but most importantly, I hope you will visit the blogs, make comments, and add them to your feeds if you like them a lot. (By the way, I’m trying to pick more obscure blogs, so those of you that have great readership, please don’t feel left out.)
1. Notes of a Book Dreamer – this writer is witty, wise, and slightly cynical. The most recent post is on “what superhero would you want to be?” The response from the book dreamer – One of those male after-the-third-pint questions where the conversation moves from work, football, who was the best Dr Who and why you are my best mate. Flying around the world in micro-micro seconds is boring and invisibility too pervery- or is that just me? My super hero and power would be Historyman, with the power of attending any historical event. Now this sounds simple but hang on, say I want to take a butchers at a medieval bust-up such as the 100 years war and zoom in on Joan of Arc defending France against the English shenanigans at the Siege of Orleans. On goes the cloak of power and I get my grove on to shimmer over to the big event. Funny stuff this.

2. All the Road Running – Derek Baron’s witty travails as he travels around the world. Currently, he is serving as tour manager on a cruise ship, and his most recent post has this to say: After almost two hours of standing at the counter of our Tour Office on board the Queen Mary 2, listening and nodding and forcing myself to smile, my feet hurt and I just wanted to take a break. But that was simply not possible, as there was no indication that the line of guests was about to shorten any time soon. By this point, my face no longer hid the frustration it held, my replies grew shorter and blunter, my willingness to repeat the same answers over and over again rapidly faded. But then, just as I began the old ‘questioning what I am doing here’ routine, I heard a voice, one that was heavily-accented, of European descent, of a female, an oddly familiar yet not too familiar voice. “Hello, is this the place to book a private tour of St. Lucia?” was all it said. I looked straight in front of me, I glanced to the left and to the right, but I could not find a person anywhere in sight whose voice could have sounded like this. There were mostly men, angry men, standing in line and the only woman in the vicinity was speaking to my colleague in an unmistakably Long Island accent. I stood there intrigued and confused. And then I heard the voice one more time. Suddenly, a small hand and then a thin arm slowly rose up over the counter, offering itself to me in greeting. I leaned over as much as possible, wanting to know who this arm and hand and voice belonged to. Instantly, I recognized the smiling person in front of me, even before she spoke again. “Hello, my name is Dr. Ruth,” she said. You’ll have to check out the blog to get the rest of the story.

3. Stuck in a Book – A charming look at life in bits and bobs. From the most recent post – My friend Mel and I spent the day doing a ‘road trip’ (by way of train, bus and foot) to Marsh Gibbon. We choose our destinations almost solely by their names – in the past we have visited Kingston Bagpuize, Horton-cum-Studley, Goring-and-Streatley, and Thrupp. We took a train to Bicester, and walked from there, stopping for a picnic in Launton. All was going well – we saw a bridleway sign saying ‘Marsh Gibbon, 2 miles’ – and the pathway took us past some utterly adorable piglets, very tiny and very confused, falling over each other and scampering like puppies. This post also contains some of Simon’s visual art as well.

4. Visual Thoughts by D L Ennis. This page is the sight of photographer D L Ennis’ work, and ever since I found him the other day on Flickr, I have loved his images. Here’s today’s:
\"In the Twilight\" by D L Ennis “In the Twilight” by D L Ennis.

5. Tenured Radical – For those of you who teach or who work in universities, I find it indispensable to read about other people who work in those areas – I stay sane this way. This blog is one I read. Here’s a snippet from a recent post – One of the things that is great about being on the Zenith faculty is that my students (and I use this term broadly, since I teach relatively few of them) can always be counted on to be amusing. Well-behaved, not so much, but I don’t care about that most of the time, and don’t even really value it (as anyone who knows me or follows this blog could testify.) But amusing is essential. Among their habits is providing a helpful public service. They sift through the gunk that proliferates on the internet to come up with the funniest things — things that will lift our spirits; things to provide blog content over the weekend when we faculty should really be writing for those stuffy folks who publish words on paper. And my students provide this service at no charge whatsoever – whereas they are charged for everything they get from me through annual payments of almost $45K. I find this remarkably generous of them, don’t you? Isn’t this a beautiful way to look at those forwarded emails and shouts of “Ms. Andi, Ms. Andi, you have to see this” that always cut into class time?

So take a look at these, and share your favorites with me. And if you’re game, try this out on your own blog – pick five blogs that you read regularly and share them with your readers. Pass the love.