I don’t usually do this, but today I thought I’d share what I wrote in my journal this morning.

I’m on a zig zagging path through the woods. I never stray from the path for there is no dirt or gravel or pavement to follow- only where my feet take me.

Perhaps if Little Red Riding Hood knew this she would have gone brazenly from the marked trail; perhaps her confidence would have kept her safe. Or not. But she would have gone without fear .

Or maybe if Hansel and Gretel had not need bread crumbs to find their way, then they could have been looking forward to avoid the witch. Or maybe they would have been able to get away by any route, not just the one they came in by. Escape need not be so narrow.

Jesus said the way is narrow but the path is straight. Is it possible that the narrowness and straightness are defined by our bodies’ width and direction, not by some outside force. Can we simply see the path as narrow as our body and straight as our direction, even if we veer?

Isn’t it most important that we keep our heads up, our eyes forward, the finish line in sight? How much do we lose if we stare down at the ground, trying to find a clear path? Won’t we walk into trees then?

I wrote this because I’m trying to articulate how I see God in the world. I’m working that out in my writing, and here’s what I came to in my more “formal” (meaning I typed it) practice today.
“what I had wanted to show was that Christianity could be broader and more open to things than it is, that Jesus could take in yoga and meditation and vegetarianism and energy reading and prayer and chanting and walking in the rays of the moon, that Christians didn’t have to put up these walls.”
What is God is bigger than we let God seem most of the time? What if the “path” for each of us is different; can’t we get to the same place by different methods? What is Jesus’ statement that He is “the way” doesn’t mean that the Christian church, as we conceive it, is the way? What if Jesus’ way is broad and vast? What if Jesus appears in other religions – as Shiva or Buddha – or speaks through Mohommad? What if we simply lived our lives so that God is broad and wide and deep – as the Bible says God’s love is – instead of trying to close out those things that seem beyond our “path?” I wax idealistic here, but this is the world I want – this is the one I dream into being. . .

What is your view of God? Of religion? Of your path? Where does writing or reading fit in? For me, writing is the path where I find out more fully who I was created to be – that’s my path.

Path “Path by Pebbles” by LaTur