So this week, Dewey asked folks to talk about what magazines they read. For me, this is great because I get to share some of my favorite stuff, so here goes:
1. The Sun Magazine – I love this magazine because it’s got a great blend of journalism and creative nonfiction. It also always has this great “Reader’s Write” section where people write in with stories about a theme – say “porches” – and then the editors cobble together some samples that create this beautiful resonance around the theme. One issue recently had a great article about underground root systems, and one issue was about animals. Plus, each issue has spectacular black and white photos. It’s definitely worth a visit to the website or maybe a subscription if you like it. I subscribe.
2. Yoga Journal I love yoga, and this magazine always gives me some ways to center myself. I used to subscribe but will probably now just pick up a copy every now and then.
3. Image: Journal of Arts and Religion I have subscribed to this journal for years because it takes Christian writing and art and elevates them out of the mucky grossness of sentimentality that so much of Christian art is. This journal is glorious in full-color, and the work included there is spectacular.
“Faith” by Jeffrey Mongrain
5. Poets and Writers
I read this magazine every time it comes out every two months. It keeps me up with what’s going on in writing, and I recommend it to all of my students who want to be writers. To me, it’s the one subscription you need to have as a writer.
I also subscribe to a lot of journals including River Teeth, Creative Nonfiction depending on my funds available.

I would subscribe to many more literary journals if I could afford it because I think it’s important that artists support other artists. That’s why I don’t bootleg CDs, why I try to buy books that I love, why I always buy my friends cds or books, and why I’m going to tell you about my friend’s company.

My friend Jeff Royer (actually his wife was my roommate in college, and I adore her) and his partner Jeff Breil run this great new PR firm for musicians called Black Lodge PR.

As Jeff describes them:
Our hook is that we a professional publicity company run by artists, for artists. One of us runs a record label and a graphic design company, and the other is the editor of a magazine. And since we’ve both been through the rock and roll wringer, we know what it’s like to be on the other end of the equation. We’ve both toured around the US and Europe, we’ve had publicists of our own. Whether it’s a flat tire in Kentucky at 2 a.m., getting run out of a small German town by Nazis or playing in a 1,300-year-old castle in Italy the night of the World Cup finals, we’ve been there, done that.
I think they represent some great folks including the Pink Spiders, the band SlimFit that I mentioned here, and this new band that I just got introduced to The April Skies. (Definitely check out this song.

And I’m unabashed about supporting people in what they love – and Jeff loves music – so please check out his company, email him if you’re in a band that needs representing, or just scope out the bands that they work for and learn about some new music.
Black Lodge PR Logo
Black Lodge PR logo

Do any of you have friends that do great things for art, and what do you guys do? Feel free to use the comments feature of my blog to promote your own stuff or your friend’s work (keeping tastefulness in mind, of course). Maybe if enough people share their work or their friends’ work, I”ll even do a whole post (maybe a page even) of great “support the arts” stuff. So send it to me – with our world now, we need all the art we can get.