Sunday Salon Badge
This week has been varied in my reading. I seem to have so many things going at once that I’ll never finish any of them – does anyone relate to that feeling?

I am a good chunk of the way into Alice Sebold’s stunning memoir Lucky, and while it is terribly difficult to read – the book tells the story of her rape as a college freshman – it is powerfully and strongly written. No flinching here on her part. I’ll review it fully when I finish it.

I’m also reading a Patricia Cornwell novel, which is somewhere in the house now so I’m not remembering the name. I enjoy her stuff, but as is obvious from the fact that I can’t remember the book’s name I find them all blurring together a bit. I may or may not review this one – but it’s good if you like crime fiction.

I’ve also read part of Alice Walker’s The Same River Twice, which I was surprised to enjoy quite as much as I did.

And then I’ve been picking at various essays including some by Barry Lopez, some by Stephen Jay Gould, one by Le Thi Diem Thuy, and some other stuff. Just bits and pieces everywhere. . .

Which brings me to a question, do any of you read one book at a time, start to finish, before you pick up another? Or do you piece together your reading like I do? What’s your reading practice?