There’s so much to be said for letting the unconscious mind work on a writing project (or any kind of project for that matter – I’ve sometimes had the best – and sometimes the worst – ways for handling a problem or talking to a person come to me just after waking.) Somehow our minds work on things even when we’re not conscious of working on them.
For instance, yesterday, I took the day and spent it with friends – beautiful friends that I’ve had for over 15 years now. I played with a 4.5 month old with red hair and talked to his grounded and wise parents. I stopped by and saw a good friend who laughed me through a short visit. I spent the evening at an outdoor music festival with another friend and her husband, people who are so wise and committed to art and good living. By the the end of the day, I felt like I’d had a good deep drink of water, refilled and cooled. My resources from writing have been renewed.
It didn’t hurt that I got to hear some good music at the festival either. My favorite of the bands, and I must confess some possible bias here since my friends are friends with the guys in this band, was called Slimfit. They do this country-inspired, Americana-style rock. So energetic, so alive, and so fun.
Slimfit, the Band
There’s something about listening to people play music that brings a part of me to life that sits quietly in the corner most of the time. That little beam of light in my core comes out dancing, even if my body just quietly bounces along. It’s a good feeling.
Today, I’m continuing the trend and heading out to a softball tournament to watch my friend’s daughter play. This is that kind of softball where the girls wind their arms up like catapults and windmill the ball across the plate. With my record for injury – from softball or otherwise – I plan to stay very safely behind the backstop – and I plan to relax, get some sun (with sunscreen, of course), and rock out in the joys of an American summer.