So much is going on for me that I feel I would be remiss to now share a tidbit on a bunch of stuff, so here goes.
First, I am trying to find good essays or pieces of creative nonfiction that were written by people of color. Does anyone have any suggestions beyond Wright or Baldwin?

Secondly, I’m loving music today. If you’re into singer/songwriter stuff, definitely look into Ellis Paul. his latest album is for kids and is lovely, but his older stuff is amazing – great lyrics and wonderful voice.

Thirdly, I’ve been working on an essay that a journal might publish, if I make successful edits, and I have to say that I’m very grateful to my friend and colleague Susan, who gave me insightful and useful feedback. If you ever get a chance to read things by Susan Bernadzikowski, everyone, you should read them. They’ll be funny and wise – all in the same breath.

Finally, I am loving the outdoors this week. I am staining my deck (with this great biodegradable stuff called SoyGuard. I smell like a french frier when I’m done, but that’s better than being high from fumes.), and the breeze has been wonderful as I work. To that end, I thought it might be nice to share a few beautiful pictures of the region where I live now, on the Chesapeake Bay (okay, I don’t live right on the Bay, but I’m close.)

Foundation Tree by Bill Conway Foundation Tree by Bill Conway

Chesapeake Bay by Heaps Happy Chesapeake Bay, MD by Heaps Happy

Sunset on the Chesapeake Bay Sunset on the Chesapeake Bay by John Charest

Have a great day, and get outside if you can. The sun may miss you.