So does anyone else watch this Showtime series besides me? I get it on Netflix, and I am loving it in terms of entertainment and because it’s reminding me of my studies. However, I feel like they are taking some historical liberties that might do more harm than good. For instance, I always was taught and believed that Henry divorced Catherine of Aragon because he did what he wanted and because he wanted more independence from the Pope – hence Protestantism (note – I could be very wrong about my understanding). The show, however, is making it seem like he asks for a divorce mostly because he is deeply in love with Ann Boleyn. What do you guys think about this? (One other note – I have not even finished the first season of the show, so it’s possible that these things will come to light – so please forgive me for being so excited that I could wait to post after I’d seen more of the show.)
Has anyone read The Other Boleyn Girl? What does it have to say about this idea, if anything?

The show – even if historically questionable – is gorgeous. The actors are beautiful, and the costuming is amazing. I wish, when I’m not thinking about the realities of showers and dirt during this time, that I lived there so I could look that amazing. Of course, this would depend on me being a of royal blood, and the rumors that my grandmother liked to spread about our family being descended from Charlemagne not withstanding, I probably would have been a commoner.

Anyway, the show is good fun (if a bit racy) and I really am learning a lot – or being reminded of what I did learn.

Please share your thoughts about this show, this time in history, or about the media’s responsibility to show accuracy vs give entertainment.

Catherine of Aragon from Showtime\'s The Tudors
Catherine of Aragon – Given what’s happening to her in the show at the point where I’m watching, I felt she needed a little extra attention today. And isn’t she beautiful?