Finally, a book finished!! Yahoo. I just finished up Sarah Graves’ The Book of Old Houses, and it was quite good. There a few places where the writing slips and a couple of things left unresolved – but overall it’s quite good.
It’s a mystery, so the basic plot is that a book dealer who specializes in ancient books is murdered. His friend comes to Eastport, ME to figure out who murdered him, led to the town by the old book the the narrator, Jacobia Triptree, has found on her property and sent to the murdered book deal to be authenticated. The story unravels from there, as any good mystery should, with plot twists, and subplots . . . all very good.
The narrator’s voice was my favorite part – sarcastic, aserbic, and honest – great qualities in a woman, at least for me. The plot was steady – not breakneck and not too slow – great for a prolonged read that is enjoyable. The setting is gorgeous; I”m dying to go to Eastport now. And the case of characters, including two dogs and a cat named Cat Dancing, are great. Good stuff all round. . .

Off to a quick shower and then more reading for my last hour. Hope you’re all doing well.