At these moments, I feel quite ancient – but the truth is, I’m beat. . . I’ve been reading off and on for 13 hours now (I started a couple hours early), so I’m beat. I’m going to read for a while yet – probably until Midnight eastern – and then get up about 5 or 6 and be back at it. . . my main goal, here, was to spend twenty-four hours for me, and part of that is getting some sleep – or if I get really engrossed – reading all night – we’ll see. . . but in any case, you won’t see an update from me for a few hours – but never fear that I’ll post as soon as I’m to let you know what’s going on.

So far, I’ve read five short stories, 160 pages of a book, and listened to three hours of a book on cd. I’m feeling pretty good. More tomorrow. Best wishes to all.
Photo from Flickr by Ridgway
by ridgway from Flickr.