So, I must confess that graphic novels of any sort are tough for me to read, not because they’re not great writing – they usually are – but because I find it hard to follow words and pictures at the same time. I get wrapped up in the pattern of it and don’t follow the story that well.
But still Nymeth offered this webcomic challenge, and I’ve taken it, and I found it great, mostly because of what I chose to read “No Rest for the Wicked,” Nymeth’s favorite. It deals with the Princess and the Pea and wraps in tons of other fairy tales including Little Red Riding Hood and Puss in Boots. It’s artfully drawn and wonderful told, playing with cliches in thoughtful ways. While I didn’t finish reading what is posted – I did read all of Chapter 1 – I plan to go back and finish up what is available – perhaps throughout the day as I come to post myself – and read it regularly as it goes forward. Thanks, Nymeth.

As for my reading, it’s slow, but I’m listening to Tracy Chevalier’s Burning Bright . . . as I chase kittens around the house.

More later.