So this week, Dewey asked us to get “organized” with our challenges by posting, and responding, and reviewing. I think is an excellent idea for everyone – except me BECAUSE I have failed miserably at every challenge I have entered. I am just not a girl who can be guided in her reading, I guess. I want to read what I want to read when I want to read it, and while challenges are so wise because they give me goals and plans to get things done, I seem to be rebelling. So, Dewey, I’m sorry; I can’t organize what I haven’t done. I hope this will count though. It’s a confession, and an apology to all of you whose challenges I have joined. I will not join anymore, so the rest of you are safe. Thanks for the opportunities though, and I’m glad so many folks enjoy them and seem to be successful at them. I wish I was one of you.

Now for a giveaway, Heather over at Age 30 Books is sponsoring her first ever giveaway. (Plus, she has a bonus giveaway and a great author interview here.)Take a look and do it quick because the contests end tomorrow, the 27th. And if you want to see some great reviewing talent, be sure to read her reviews of the giveaway books (reviews are available at the above link.). Thanks, Heather, for introducing me to some new stuff.
Heather's Giveaway Button
Heather’s gorgeous giveaway button – if only I was so talented.

I’m off to prep for the read-a-thon. Look for the whole list of books tomorrow, along with some Fessin’ Up. And don’t forget to comment on my kitties post for yesterday (I pick up Charlotte and Emily tomorrow), if you’d like to get Chloe Anne’s masterpiece. (And if you’ve reviewed Chloe Anne, please let me know, and I”ll link to your review.)