First, let me tell you that when I got Chloe Anne: Force of Nature by Valerie Oblath in my mailbox, I was not sure I would like it. You see, I’m one of those people who love cats – meaning I love the living creatures, but I do not love all the cat stuff – paper weights, journals, figurines, key chains, cross-stitch designs – that come to people who love the living creatures we call cats. So this book, well, I rolled my eyes and started because I had said I would review it. Boy, was I pleased. Here’s why:
1. The narrator – Chloe Anne, the cat – is ascerbic, haughty and funny, as I think all cats are, despite their fuzzy exteriors. She relates funny incidents, sad incidents, normal incidents with the wit and wry humor that I love so much.
2. The plot – there isn’t much of one, which is perfect given the true nature of a cat’s existence – eating (which Chloe Anne divides into categories such as dining, snacking and noshing), sleeping, pooping, and demanding attention. Chloe Anne does get adopted from a shelter, so in some ways this is her story of coming to be used to a new home and new cats – but all in all, it’s just a narrative of a cat.
3. The ethnicity – yes, you read that right – Chloe Anne fashions herself a Jewish kitty. Funny stuff there.
4. The writing – it’s clear, clean, and not over the top. Chloe Anne isn’t a sword-brandishing kitty or a sentimental dolt – she’s a beautiful dignified cat, but she is a cat. . .

And if you’d like to read this book, I’m giving away my copy right here, right now. Post a comment by Friday at 5pm (eastern), and I’ll send you the lovely Chloe Anne. You’ll enjoy it if you enjoy cats.

And then onto other kitty things – namely my two new kitties, Charlotte and Emily (after the Brontes, of course – my present feline dude is named Oscar, as in Wilde). The kittens are currently named Sally and Smudge, which are adorable names, but I need literary felines in my house so . . .
Here’s Charlotte:
Picture of Charlotte, the cat
Charlotte is very tiny and very shy. She needed to come with her sister Emily because Emily brings her out of her shell. She’s absolutely beautiful and very sweet-natured.
And here’s Emily:
Photo of Emily, the cat
She looks so demure here, as I’m sure Ms. Bronte did, but she’s got that Wuthering Heights spirit, I assure you.
These lovely ladies are coming from a great rescue agency called Four Paws and a Tail Rescue, here in Elkton, MD.
A young woman runs the shelter out of her family home, and they have some amazing cats that they need to place in homes. If you live nearby and want a gorgeous feline companion, consider them as an option.
Lest he feel left-out, here’s a photo of Oscar and I:

Isn’t he adorable?

Meanwhile, in writing and reading news, I’ve been writing – thanks for all the accountability yesterday. I’ve produced ten draft pages in the last 16 hours – they’re rough, but they’re there. It’s been great. I’m feeling much calmer now – funny how doing what I’m supposed to do causes that release.
And in reading, I’m gathering books for the read-a-thon. (Please visit the link to learn more and to donate if you so desire). Yesterday, I picked up:
The Book of Old Houses by Sarah Graves – I saw it on the shelf and thought it looked interesting.
M Is for Magic by Neil Gaiman – thought I’d give Mr. Gaiman another shot since I didn’t love Stardust
A Family Concern by Anthea Fraser – another one I saw and thought I’d try out.
Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac by Gabrielle Zevin – Andi recommended this, so I thought I’d try it out.

I’m also scoping out the recs you guys gave me, including Eva’s list, Denise Mina’s mysteries, and all the other good selections you gave. Thank you.